About Us

“SA Schools Teams Chess Championships”

is a chess organization that runs Interschool chess championships in South Australia.

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   Online Entry Form
   Schedule of Interschool Events
   Chess Rules
   Interschool Results
   State Finals
   State Final Entry Form

Chess School SiteMap http://a136633.hostedsitemap.com/4041165/sitemap.xml


1 thought on “About Us

  1. Danny Diaz

    To whom it may concern,

    I’ve been playing chess now for about a year and I would really like to improve my game. I’ve been watching Mato’s YouTube videos and they are awesome and it has helped me a grear deal to better my chess skill, but watching those videos has open up my hunger to keep learning. It would be a great honor to get information on how I can get coach by Mato, the only downside is that I live in United States, New York. But I saw a video a while ago where Mato uploaded a video of a boy who he coach thru Skype, maybe I could have the same luck.


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